Demimaxx Fashion Shoot in Vail, Colorado

I am always excited when I get to adventure out from my weddings and portraits. I was hired to photograph a fashion shoot in the snow for a high end fur designer in Vail.  I was able to get a friend and past bride, Marisa to be one of my models.  She was perfect for the shoot and I was excited to meet Gretchen and work with her as well.  They both where beautiful troopers, as it was only 5 degrees out when we where shooting.  Alex and Edward from Demimaxx where great to work with and have some beautiful pieces in their boutique.  I can’t wait to see the add layout which will be featured in Vail Lifestyle Magazine.


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Testimony from Elisa & Matt

Testimony from Elisa & Matt

Brooke did an amazing job at our wedding!!! Her photos are professional and personal. The best part about Brooke is that she is so warm and personable, which really shows in the photos. She made us feel so comfortable, and we had so much fun taking the photos. So many photographers make you feel uncomfortable when you are getting photographed, but Brooke made you feel like you were part of her family. Being comfortable with your photographer is so important so that they can capture the real you on your special day! From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception…she captured the entire day beautifully. Her photos captures so much emotion and love. I can’t praise Brooke enough. We look back on our photos all the time and it brings back such amazing memories!!!!

Gillian & Garret

Gillian and Garret where so awesome to work with.  They where both super laid back and you could tell where completely in love.  The wedding was beautiful and elegant.  Located at the gorgeous 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, Colorado, the views where amazing and every where I pointed my camera was breath taking.

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Robin and Brian

The minute I met Robin and Brian, I know I wanted to be apart of their celebration.  I had so much fun getting to know them through the engagement session and meeting for wedding business.  The wedding was fun and very laid back.  Nestled in Eagle Vail, we had perfect weather and even though it was on Friday the 13th, there was no spooky business.  I look forward to getting to see these locals around and working with them again.

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