2015 Wedding Season

The 2015 Wedding Season is here!  Its hard to believe and I am looking forward to being able to really move and groove this year during my weddings.  Shooting weddings pregnant was definitely a challenge and I am proud of myself for continuing to work so hard through it all during the 2014 Wedding Season.  Now that couples are out there searching for their perfect match for a wedding photographer, I wanted to drop a few ideas on what to expect when contacting Brooke Heather Photographer.

I am always excited to hear from potential brides and my first line of business is to hear about the vision of your day!  I know most inquires are sent to find out packaging and pricing but I really love the opportunity to chat or meet and get a better idea of what you have planned for your special day before just sending out brochures.  It is important to me to get some more details on your big day, so I may have a better understanding on how my services would best fit your needs.   As a bride (especially) and groom, you will spend most of your day with the wedding photographer, so my best advice is make sure you connect with them and give them an opportunity to chat with you or meet with you and see if you click.  Obviously not every one clicks or works out and I realize that.  I know those that I have had the opportunity to chat with or meet with prior to, gives me a chance to really get to know them and understand how to really capture the story of their day!

Testimony 2014 Front

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