Dressing up is still fun!

I love to break away from the norm of work and be a little creative on my own.  I have a great area behind my home and have always wanted to photograph a bride in that location.  I used a dear friend, Jessie with my bohemian style look.  Jessie turned out beautiful, thanks to Jessica Fisher for the hair and make up.  Signe Jones from Petals and Pours did a beautiful job with the bouquet as always.  Thanks ladies for all your help! It was fun.



Where has the time gone!!

It seriously feels like we just brought her home but now she is a big girl in a little body.  18 months old now and I guess we are surviving.  Having a blast is the best way to describe it!  WE are very blessed to have her in our lives and love seeing her grow each and everyday! Love this little Monkey so much!!  Oh and there is no more standing still for mom and her silly camera!